Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wow...I LOVE it here. Its absolutely amazing. Yesterday I spent the morning in Kampala (quite and experience) did some shopping and just adjusting after 2 nights in the air. We had dinner at a thatch roof covered pizza place and caught a little of the world cup, so much fun. Today we made the drive to Jinga, which was very scenic and interesting. We arrived at the guesthouse to find that the guy who manages the place is from Augusta, and went to Lakeside. After comparing notes we realized we have a ton of mutual friends. Crazy! The weather is gorgous, there are jungle noises out of my window and i could not be happier..Tomorrow Ive got some studying to do and the reaserchers are going to out to lay some groundwork. Saturday, we all get started and Ive got alot to learn!

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