Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sorry I havent done a great job updating...its been hard with internet so in and out. All I can say is that we are all very blessed.

Monday, July 19, 2010

So its been a crazy week. As most of you know Kampala had a terroroist attack last Sunday night. Internet has been in and out and we still don't have it at the house so I havent had much time to update. The first part of the week was a little somber. Everyone was a little freaked out about the bombing. The FBI is here so I found that kinda interesting. Luckily, we are stationed in Jinga, which is a few hours away from Kampala. We had a great week at work and did alot of interviews. On Wedsneday, I interviewed a lady who had 7 childrena and struggled as a single parent. At the end I was able to pray with her and we were both at in tears by the end of it. It was very special. We had a great weekend, we had to go into Kmpala to pick up some stuff for work. It was an adventure!! So many funny things happened, one mishap after another....welcome to Africa!!! I havent laughed that much in a long time. Sunday afternoon Brad and I went to the orphanage that his NGO supports and took 5 kids to the nicest hotel in Jinga. It was great, we walked in with a bunch of dirty kids. Bought them all cokes and french fries and let them run crazy! David, was my favorite. He is about 5 years old and really shy. He wanted to hold my hand the whole time. I lost him one time and found him in this really nice English style garden peeing all over the flowers. HAHA, it was hilarious!!! I enjoyed every second with these children.
Getting ready for another long, but successful week!! Hopefully the interent is back on at the house soon so I can update more :)



Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am learning so much. The other researchers have taught me alot about how to conduct a research study. Its really cool! Ive always worked in the buisness world, and feel I have a pretty good grasp on that but this is something totally different for me. We met all the translators yesterday and went through the interview proccess. I think its going to be really fun. There's been so much to do logistically, Im thankful that hasnt been my job!!
Spiritually the journey has begun. I spent the first night on the top deck of the house looking over lake Victoria as hundreds of fishing boats were working for the night. All lit with papter lanterns, I can only imagine that is what heaven will look like. Or maybe its the way the sky looked the night Jesus was born, lit with stars. I am so thankful. I am so amazed at the beauty of this place, these people, and the general spirit here. I cant stop smiling, even when Im doing something I dont want to do, its still fun.
Bungee Jumping was incredible!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wow...I LOVE it here. Its absolutely amazing. Yesterday I spent the morning in Kampala (quite and experience) did some shopping and just adjusting after 2 nights in the air. We had dinner at a thatch roof covered pizza place and caught a little of the world cup, so much fun. Today we made the drive to Jinga, which was very scenic and interesting. We arrived at the guesthouse to find that the guy who manages the place is from Augusta, and went to Lakeside. After comparing notes we realized we have a ton of mutual friends. Crazy! The weather is gorgous, there are jungle noises out of my window and i could not be happier..Tomorrow Ive got some studying to do and the reaserchers are going to out to lay some groundwork. Saturday, we all get started and Ive got alot to learn!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its been a LONG 24 hours. I'm pretty exhausted and im running out of ways to entertain myself!! One more all night flight and I'll be there. I had a great afternoon in London today and stuffed myself with fish and chips...a few more hours of travel time!!